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Toast For Change - New Farm Park

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This year has been quite eventful. We have lost a few people in our lives, we have had countless breakdowns when the world wasn’t on our side and we also lost ourselves in the process.

However, not everything is damaging and heartbreaking. We’ve also accomplished so many things and so many reasons to get back up on our feet again. This year was just the year for us to be better, stronger and even more confident in who we are for next year.

Come join me for the Toast for Change. A significant event for you ladies to get together as one and give us something you would like to toast about that you have accomplished and changed in your life and what you’re going to be proud of yourself for as we move on the 2022.

$50 a seat for our get together glam picnic in New Farm Park. I will cater champagne on arrival, fruit punch, tapas including gluten free appetisers as I’ve learnt some of you cannot eat like the rest of us so I’ll be here for you.
They’ll also be fun games to play & PRIZES TO WIN! 🎉

    1.    Please think it through if you can come. Because refunding can get so difficult for me when I’ve already put through the money for the event. 5 days notice before the event, or sell your ticket to somebody else.
    2.    Ladies leave your man at home it’s about you
    3.    You may bring your dog or bub (entirely up to you if you’re not drinking and come just to socialise)
    4.    BYO if you like but it’s included in your package already

Any questions contact BLCKASIA EVENTS on 

+61 474 515 602