With the Gold Coast jet charter service offered by Royalty Entertainment, travel in comfort and luxury. Leave crowds, extended layovers cancelled or delayed flights and security wait behind. You can't expect to be as calm or productive during your travels on commercial aircraft, but a private jet charter from Royalty Entertainment's Jet will save you time. With the flexibility to leave or arrive at any of the several airports in the Gold Coast region, you may travel when it suits you.

How does it operate?

1. Contact Our Team
With The Specifics Of Your Flight Via Online Submission Or Phone 24 Hours A Day.
2. Get a customized quote
To review all options and address any questions, our knowledgeable team will get in touch with you and provide a personalized quote.
3. Purchase a Flight
Your devoted charter experience expert will guide you through the straightforward booking pro-

With Every Flight, We Live Our Core Values

Our private jet services will make your domestic or international flight seamless, enjoyable, and memorable, giving you and your passengers a one-of-a-kind experience.
Royalty Entertainment Jet only uses FAA-certified, externally verified aircraft and crew in an effort to offer the safest private jet services in the market.
You have complete control over your journey when using Royalty Entertainment Jet. You can choose your own departure timings, preferred airports, and the best-suited aircraft model.

We pledge to transport you more quickly, safely, and in style to your destination.